Tips for Buying Feather Pillows

Stores sell dozens of different kinds of pillows, so choosing one can be difficult. Choices include memory foam, goose down, shredded foam, polyester, and buckwheat hull. Many shoppers solve the problem by opting for the comfortable feather pillows they grew up with. Feather-filled pillows are comfortable, affordable, light, and moldable. They range in quality and manufacturers’ offer styles to suit every sleeper’s needs.

The Fill May Not Be All Feathers

Those who love feather-filled pillows often choose them because they remember getting the best sleep of their lives when they visited a grandparent who had feather comforters and pillows. Those original styles were often handmade using standard goose feathers. Today high-end suppliers offer products filled with the birds’ softest and smallest feathers. Many styles also include goose down. The ratio of feathers to down is marked on products and products are typically either 75% or 100% feathers. Pillows that contain both down and feathers are less expensive than 100% down pillows.

Quality Makes All the Difference

Although feather filled products are noted for being comfortable, the best products offer more. They are made with 100% organic materials and are hypo-allergenic. Covers are often constructed using elegant fabrics like Egyptian cotton, which is one of world’s most comfortable fabrics to sleep on. No chemicals are used while processing or constructing products. Pillows are also carefully stitched to make them very durable. High-grade products include sewn-in cording around the edges. The finest products use fill from Hungarian white Geese and provide detailed care instructions.

There Is a Pillow for Every Sleep Style

Customers also choose feather filled pillows because they are available in styles to suit every sleeper. For example, Down & Feather Company offers soft, medium, firm, and extra firm density styles. They sell standard, queen, king and jumbo sizes. Professionals help clients choose the best size and softness level for their sleep style. Clients also learn the best pillow placement for side, back, and stomach sleeping.

Shoppers who want affordable pillows that provide a great night’s sleep often choose feather-filled styles. There are feather-filled pillows for every sleep style. High-quality products are well-made, hypoallergenic, and include luxurious cover materials.